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Fountainhead Gallery: Valérie Collymore-Impressions de provence

avril 4 - mai 1

The opening of the new exhibition “Impressions of Provence » by the painter Valérie Collymore will take place on April 4th (5-7 pm).

She offers her new collection of works in the French impressionist tradition and shares the stage with Spencer Gordon, who apprenticed with  Valérie for 7 years. Both artists share a history of extensive stays in the south of France during childhood, an intense interest in the works and lives of Van Gogh, Monet, and Renoir, and a passion for color.

You will also be able to attend the following events throughout the month of April:

Sunday April 5 (2-5 pm) Painting Demonstration by Valérie Collymore

Saturday April 11 (2-3 pm) Gallery Talk “Historical Context in which the French Impressionist Movement was born.” 3-5 pm: Oil Painting Demonstration

Sunday April 19 (2-3 pm) Gallery Talk: Composition and Color as used by 4 French Impressionist Master Painters. 3-4 pm: Painting Demonstration

concert 6-7:30 pm Tango inspired program with 3 top musicians from Seattle and LA orchestras

Sunday April 26 (2-3 pm) Gallery Talk on Brushstrokes and Painting Loose

Saturday May 1 (2-5 pm) Painting Demonstration


Location: Fountainhead Gallery 625 W. McGraw Seattle


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