How many times at Halloween, for example, did I not hear, “But what are we going to do with all this candy”? 

Do you know that associations are happy to collect candy to organize parties for children or families? This is a great opportunity not to spoil all these good things!

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And of course, the possible donations do not stop with Halloween treats: selecting, moving or other, we all have the opportunity to find an association to which we could make donations.

Here are some links; of course, it’s a selection and there are others. Feel free to send us the names of those we should have listed!


Stores resell private donations. Furniture, clothes, books, costumes, leather goods… The association also helps people overcome obstacles to develop their skills and find a job.

Birthday wishes

Organization of birthday parties for homeless children. The association collects candy and looks for volunteers to make cakes and oversee the birthday parties.

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Mary’s place

This community helps families find security, stability and housing. It helps women, children and families get out of homelessness.


The association helps families during the difficult times of their lives, helping to find stability and tools needed to permanently end poverty.

For example, twice a week, volunteer parents take care of a food bank at Bellevue Main Street.

Photo de S.Hermann & F.Richter de Pixabay

Humble Design Seattle

Humble Design helps homeless individuals, families and veterans by turning their empty home into a warm, inviting home with donated furniture and household items.

The association salvages all the furnishings of the house (decoration, dishes, sheets, towels, furniture, rugs, lamps …) in good condition.

Simple & Just

Clothing and accessories store in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

It is also a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable and nice products while helping those in need. Everything in the store is provided by donations and the entire proceeds are used to provide care for women and children who have been sexually exploited for business purposes.

Armée du Salut/Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an international movement. Its mission is on the one hand religious and on the other hand turned towards the support of human needs without discrimination.

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