We will discover once again the pleasure of picnics and summer evenings on the beaches.

Natural or artificial the choice of beaches is great on our coasts.

These 2 articles present you a selection of beaches on “West Seattle” and “Eastside”.

Let’s add to our list another idea for a great evening out with the: Picnic Point Beach Park.


The beach is located at the northern tip of the town of Edmonds. The view on Whidbey Island and the Olympic Peninsula is breathtaking.

Looking for marine life or just for a long walk on the beach, at low tide you will enjoy the place to the fullest.

Observe the crabs, hermit crabs but also the shells of sea snail eggs, jellyfish, and seaweed of all kinds. Look for clams that propel themselves by jets of water or watch the babies breathe on the pebbles.

This family beach is an ideal place to explore the marine life of the Pacific Northwest.

Translated by Clemence