Here are some selected beaches for those warm summer days and evenings:

Golden Gardens Park

This very nice park features beach, sand, shells, cliffside hiking trails, and a great view of Puget Sound.  For children, there are the sand and pebbles of the beach and a playground. As in common in other beach parks in this area, there are barbecue grills available for you to use.

When facing the Sound, you can see Bainbridge island and the Olympic mountains.  Just enjoy the scene, in summer or in winter: watch a sunset, or a storm, or just take pleasure in being by the water and watching the boats pass by.

A big plus about visiting in the winter, of course, is that there are fewer people around.  In the summer-time, finding a parking space is not easy!

Alki Beach

Located in West Seattle, this park is easily accessible by road, and there is plenty of parking.  Alternatively, you could take the water taxi from the Seattle ferry terminal.  In this case, you’ll end up walking along the shoreline and admiring the Seattle skyline.  It’s a bit of a walk, so wear good shoes.

You won’t be in the city anymore: it’s a real change of scenery. The seaside houses and the restaurants make it feel like you’re away on vacation.

In the summer-time, you share the beach with beach-volleyballers, groups of young people, or families out for a picnic.  Seated on one of the ever-present tree-trunks that end up on the beach, you can see the sun go down over Puget Sound and the islands.

In the winter-time, several restaurants and cafes provide you with the chance to finish up your evening in a warm place.  Naturally, the winter atmosphere is different, but still charming, and it’s not uncommon to see sea lions.

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Located south of Edmonds, this park has plenty of space for easy parking.  Don’t forget your Discover Pass!

A large playground will delight children, and there is easy access to the beach.  Picnic tables are available.

Discovery Park Beach

A pleasant beach, once again strewn with tree trunks.  The view of the islands and the mountains is magnificent. This park is absolutely worth a visit. You can go walking, or perhaps one ought to say hiking, since some of the trails are not that easy.  Go over to the very pretty little lighthouse with its distinctive red roof.

Matthews Beach Park

Matthews Beach is Seattle’s biggest freshwater swimming beach.  It is located along the upper part of Lake Washington, to the north of Magnusson Park.  This very pretty park lets you enjoy sunny days and that beach-side feeling.  For more information, see Matthews Beach

Madison Beach

The view here is quite nice.  You’ll enjoy not only the sandy beach and the floating dock and diving board, but also the big grassy areas.

Green Lake

Located in the center of a very pleasant urban neighborhood, and appreciated by local residents as well as many birds, this park is a veritable nature reserve.

You can start by strolling around the lake: a distance of about 1¾ miles.  There is a lot to do here: walking, running, skating, biking, boating, picknicking, or swimming. Full-time lifeguards keep watch over the beaches, and there are two diving boards as well as a pool for kiddies.