Do you often order online?

Our motivations are diverse: because we don’t like shopping and we prefer to choose from our sofa. Because the buyers’ comments guide our choice, and because today in a few hours the item is on your doorstep or simply because it is cheaper.
We would like to share with you some of the products we particularly appreciate and our findings for the food part. Some sites are worth knowing, we tell you why.

Nous ne vous ferons pas découvrir Amazon ! Qui n’a pas fait un cadeau d’anniversaire de dernière minute en offrant un bon d’achat !
Nous vous l’indiquons pour le confit et les truffes, la levure parfaite pour le pain de votre machine à pain ; un petit rappel : la partie alimentaire c’est à présent Wholefood.

Here too, you can find everything: home accessories, beauty, children’s games. . . and we particularly like flour, biscuits, the shampoo “le petit Marseillais”.

The number one reason: cheaper or reasonably priced French products.
A fair delivery service and well packed products
Let’s mention: Teisseire syrups and Princes and madeleines for children, French buckwheat flour (for pancakes!), Spanish rice, canned duck confit.

The site sells online retail products and food and beverages from all over Europe. To note, an interesting gift basket service to know. Foie Gras, pasta, truffle mousses. . . green beans and French peas which are very tasty!

There too, a wide range of food products or to decorate your home.

And for cheese lovers…

Wide choice, much larger than in stores and cheaper. You will regularly find promotions.

This is a non-exhaustive list that contain only the ones we have tested.