One thing is certain: living in Seattle is not cheap. Even apples, harvested a few hours from here, sell for a dollar each – sometimes more!

So, when it comes to imported products, like cheese, which I consume daily, you better start budgeting or… know where to shop! It’s funny how you can develop a taste for things from your home country, once you no longer live there. Imagine my joy when I discovered the supermarket of supermarkets: Grocery Outlet!

An outlet for groceries

Grocery Outlet is a supermarket company that offers discounted, oversupplied and liquidated products from renowned brand and private label suppliers. The company has stores in California, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

We all know of outlets for clothes, appliances, etc.  Well, Grocery Outlet is the same, but for groceries.

What can you buy?

Fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese and dairy products, drinks, frozen food, wine, local bread, all kinds of eggs, oils, organic and natural products, all sorts of snacks, cooking utensils, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, pet food, postcards, etc. I won’t list the entire store, but there is almost everything one could expect to find in a grocery store.

Sole destination for groceries?

While some will find everything, they need at G.O, I shop at different stores. For fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and wine, I prefer Trader Joe’s. But for natural products and cheese, G.O. is my first choice. Once there, I look around and see what’s available. This way, I often discover great products, such as an organic sauerkraut for $0.97 instead of $4.65! Or the other day: a raspberry infused balsamic vinegar straight from Modena for less than $2.

Keep in mind that this is an outlet, so you can find an incredible deal on organic coconut oil today, but not next month. Some products are always in stock, others come back regularly. For cheese, it’s the same thing, if you see something you like, better stock up!

The expiration dates are never exceeded. Sometimes they are close (say a month away) but then the product often sells at 70% of its normal price. In general, I would say that the average difference is 40%. And regularly, you will see a 1 + 1 free product.

In the end, is it worth it?

Let’s see … The staff is helpful. The store is clean and well organized. The selection varies and allows one to discover new products. And my cart is full, without emptying my bank account. The choice is yours, but mine is made!