Bounded on the north by railway lines and on the east by I-5, Georgetown is an industrial neighborhood experiencing a cultural revival.  Its many old red brick buildings, and abandoned or rehabilitated factories and commercial spaces create a unique charm described as “industrial bohemian chic.”

If you have never been to Georgetown or are looking for a new opportunity to visit, don’t hesitate to explore the area!

Twice a year, the “Kyoto Art and Antiques” warehouse in Georgetown is open to the public, spring and fall, for eleven days only.

Spend some time to hunt, search, admire or discover all the objects on display in this immense warehouse. There are 40 categories of Japanese items available to purchase, including: art, tea articles, bronze, basketry, temple pieces, ikebana, furniture, carvings, architectural objects, ceramics, lanterns, mingei, garden pieces, textiles, kimonos, and much more!

Kyoto Art and Antiques is based in Japan, and sources all their items through resellers, auctions and connections.

The upcoming sale is from Thursday, April 25 through Sunday May 5, 2019 in the old, long, red brick building at 5840 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98108. Free parking is available in the Kyoto Art and Antiques parking lot. Please write “Kyoto Art and Antiques” or place their postcard on your car’s dashboard.

Kyoto Art and Antiques