Do you plan to redo your interior? Do you want to repaint your room or are you looking for a gift to offer? The MAISON DE FRANCE boutique, on Main Street in Bellevue, can certainly help you.

Blaise Bouchand created MAISON DE FRANCE Vin 1996. He moved to Old Bellevue in May 2007. He is passionate. Passionate about “The French way of life”, the quality of the creations and the beautiful French brands; the MAISON DE FRANCE shop only sells French products.

Strolling through the shop, it’s a bit like traveling in France, between Limoges porcelain, Anduze vases made in the Gard, Olivades fabrics made in Provence, Jacquard French tea towels made in Alsace, Grange furniture made in France. St Symphorien (69) … more than 80 French brands are available.

Blaise Bouchand is your guide and explains the manufacturing of the products, their history and their inspiration. The art of French living is in every object. He has made this art a philosophy:

“To be happy in one’s house is also to be happy in one’s life”

Blaise Bouchand works on harmony, symmetry as well as asymmetry. The key is to find what suits your taste and the style of your home, your apartment or your garden.

Because this is the goal, it is to find the interior that suits you, which brings you the pleasure of returning home, the satisfaction of living with your family in a beautiful house in an atmosphere you have chosen.

But what is the art of living in the French living?

It is daring and choosing with taste the colors that will cover your walls, floors or ceilings, it is to create a delicate and refined atmosphere in your interior, it is to set up a pretty table to receive and seek the refinement down to the smallest detail .

Limoges porcelain plates are beautifully presented on a table prepared ready to welcome you for dinner, cutlery, candles, your glass service, towels matching your tablecloth …

Everything is not there, but everything can be chosen and ordered.

Blaise Bouchand can also organize a reception at your home by providing decoration (flowers and tables), the menu and wine (he is a graduate of the Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris).

He can advise you for the fabrics, the painting or the restoration of an armchair and to make sure of the realization of the work by craftsmen with whom he used to work.



10129 Main Street Suite 106A

Bellevue, WA 98004

From Tuesday to Saturday 10 am-5pm