Have you thought about ordering your meat for the winter?

That is what these Oregon ranchers are offering you. You choose online, you order a whole, half or quarter beef. You can also choose your pieces: would you like more steak, minced beef or beef stew? Indeed, the meat is delivered in frozen and vacuum-packed pieces, the name of each piece is indicated.

At the beginning of October, you will have the choice between two dates to pick up your order. Everyone is waiting for Amy and Mark Ramsden’s refrigerated truck in a school parking lot in Seattle. Before delivering your case of frozen meat, Mark explains how winter was spent on the mountain pastures. He is booted and wearing a hat like a cowboy; delivery is part of the fun!

And to be honest, we would like to follow the truck when it leaves. We would like to visit the mountain pastures and this part of Oregon!

The Ramsden family owns a small family ranch located on the Washington-Oregon border, where the animals graze in the pastures of both states. Cattle graze the steep slopes of the area on 13,000 acres from late November to late May. Therefore, beef production is of course natural, the animals are fed grass, without chemicals or hormones, in a natural environment with little stress, by experienced breeders.

To reserve your beef and receive it around October this year, you must order now: Mountain-beef

Translated by Pauline