Walks or hikes, we can call them whatever we want! But when you do talk about them you find yourself hesitating about the right word. Why? Because even in the middle of the city, the paths are cleverly laid out amid urban nature. Laid out, but not too much, they often make us feel that we are in the middle of the mountains, or alongside a river, while we are really in the center of a residential area.

Discovery Park


We could name several parks in the city. Here are only two: Discovery Park, beach and forest along the sea or Lincoln Park : you are walking along the Puget Sound, but it feels like you are not in Seattle anymore. The return hike can be done by going up into the park overlooking the sea, this allows you to trace a loop and the view from the top of the hill is superb.


Chirico trail

Chirico trail (Poo poo point)

To get here you cross the pretty little town of Issaquah. The gradient is significant along a stony path, especially at the beginning. The climb is not the easiest, but you are rewarded by, first, the view of Mount Rainier and, then, up to Sammamish Lake and beyond. It is a paragliders’ departure point and therefore a spectacle when they launch themselves in front of you into the void! The trail takes about three hours up and back.


Kelsey Creek Farm

Lake to Lake

This walk through different parts of the town of Bellevue takes you from Sammamish Lake to Washington Lake. You can do it all, which takes 3 hours, or you can choose to do only part of it. Be aware that when you arrive at Lake Washington the route is more urban. You will travel through forests, parks, rivers and you can stop to see Kelsey Creek Farm’s animals.


Kirkland Corridor

Kirkland Corridor

The corridor is all flat because it is the old railroad track. Indeed, the trail passes through the Google campus, where someone had the amusing idea to leave a real locomotive amid its buildings. You cannot miss it! You can bike, walk, or run; the view of Seattle and Lake Washington is magnificent. You can start your ride by leaving your car at the South Kirkland Park and Ride.


Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park

Several loops are possible, choose the length of your route:  between 45 min. and 1 ½ hrs. What a wild atmosphere! You pass alternately between the forest, with improbably shaped trees, and the trails along the end of Lake Washington. In some places there is a good gradient.

To help you find your way, here are 3 trails to follow:

– 1. Lake Washington North Beach and Seminary Trail (1.6 miles, duration 45 min.)

– 2. Lake Washington Watertower, South Ridge, Beach and North Trail Loop (2.1 miles, duration 1 hr.)

– 3. North, Beach, South Canyon, Orchard, Juanita, Arrowhead Trail (3.4 miles, duration 1 ½ hrs.)

For the little ones who will be struggling during the walk, promise them the superb playground next to Bastyr University and you can wait for them while eating something at the picnic tables!

Please note: you need a Discovery Pass to park in the car park.

Translated by Laura