If you are an enthusiast of water, thrills, rivers, and breathtaking scenery rafting is an activity for you!

Several companies offer their services in the region to help you enjoy an unforgettable river trip.

Depending on the location and the season, the difficulty of a rafting trip varies. But reassuring and experienced guides are there to make your day a memorable one.

There are 6 levels of difficulty, but beginners who are not afraid of water can already start at level 3.

Very early in the spring the flow of river water is strong, then again in the summer there may not even be enough water. It is therefore necessary to find out from the organizations that offer outings the best time to be thinking about embarking on such an adventure.

With rafting, everyone counts – family and friends! Everyone has their own paddle, everyone must obey the guide and paddle in rhythm – even the youngest participant! (The minimum age allowable is 10 years).

The pleasure of finding oneself in the middle of nature, in places often accessible only by river, is a truly beautiful experience.

Here is a list of the best rafting spots in Washington state:

Skagit River

Company: Triad River Tours

Season: March–September. Distance from Seattle: 90 miles

Methow River

Company: Methow River Raft and Kayak

Season: May-July. Distance from Seattle: 230 miles

Tieton River

Company: Alpine Adventures 

Season: September. Distance from Seattle: 145 miles

White Salmon River

Compagnie : River Drifters 

Season: April–October. Distance from Seattle: 230 miles

Wenatchee River

Compagnie : Blue Sky Outfitters

Season: April–August. Distance from Seattle: 120 miles

Hoh River

For families and those with little or no experience

Company : Hoh River Rafters

Season: February–September. Distance from Seattle: 200 miles

Translated by Laura