Have you ever dreamed of basking in the sun among bees and lavender flowers? The bees not so much, I guess, but how would you feel about a field of lavender ?

Lavender field in Sequim

Imagine the vibrant shades of purple color and wonderful smell of lavender floating in the air. How relaxing! Now, where would you find such a delightful place? Seattle? No way, right? Okay, maybe not Seattle but close enough (66 miles to be precise). Indeed, Washington State has its own little French Provence, located on the Olympic Peninsula in the small town of Sequim (which you will now pronounce Sqwim).

Sunny Sequim

Sequim lies within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and receives on average less than 16 inches (410 mm) of rain per year – about the same as Los Angeles, California – leading it to give itself the nickname of Sunny Sequim. There you go: a mediterranean climate, on the cooler side though due to its proximity to rain forests and the Pacific Ocean.

Dungeness Spit

To get to Sequim, you might need to embark on a ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, then drive through the Dungeness valley. If possible, make time for a small (easy) hike down the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge and explore the Dungeness Spit. It is the longest natural sand spit in the nation (5.5 miles).

Bathe in a lavender field this summer

Each year, around mid-july, thousands gather in the streets of Sequim for the Lavender Festival. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the fair has been obviously cancelled but, fortunately, a virus can’t stop flowers from blooming! Local lavender farms will be open to the public this summer again!


Drive around, stop by the open farms, and open your senses by taking a walk in the lavender fields. It is so relaxing! Make sure to support the local farmers and buy bouquets of fresh lavender. Not only will your home smell divine, but once dried they will last forever and you will enjoy them in many forms: lavender pillows, lavender dryer bags for the laundry, lavender cookies and tea, lavender bath salts, lavender infused oil, lavender facial steam, lavender log for a scented bonfire on a starry night… Be creative and enjoy!

Tip: if ever you visit Sequim during the Festival weekend, leave early and don’t count on the last ferry! Lines to the ferry can be very long! Again, this year’s festival has been cancelled so it shouldn’t be a problem and you can visit the farms anytime, but in case you read this after the COVID-19 situation has been resolved and things returned to normal…