Artist Point is this very popular ridge trail at the end of the Mt. Baker Scenic Byway, offering one of the best viewpoints in Washington State. After seeing numerous photos on social media over the years, we decided to go check it out!

Direction: North Cascades
Located in glacier territory, near Mount Baker, the trail remains covered by snow for most of the year. So, unless you want to snowshoe to the top for 5 miles, mid-summer is the obvious time to go, when meadows of heather start blooming and even wild blueberries in late August.
On the way to Artist Point, make sure to stop by Picture Lake, featuring the glaciated massif of Mount Shuksan in the background. Then head up to the top, passing the Mt Baker ski area, park at Heather Meadow, and hike the 1.2 mile round trip trail for beautiful views of Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan, but also panoramas of American Border Peak, Mount Larrabee, and Goat Mountain.

Entrance pass: considered a national Forest, you can either use a $5 day pass or your national park annual pass.
On your way back…
Unless it is pitch dark, consider driving back through the quaint sea town of Fairhaven and hop on the scenic Chuckanut drive instead of the 5. This was actually the first roadway built in 1909 along the coast. You’ll find several vista pullouts along the way, but also oyster’s bars, trailheads, the Larabee state park, and even a manor if you need a room for the night.
The Chuckanut drive ends at Bow-Edison, where you can get back on I-5. But, if ever you’re around during business hours, do stop at one of the best bakery in the state: The Breadfarm. If you love bread as much as we, French people, do, you won’t regret it.