During the COVID19 era, the restaurants industry was hit by one of the most violent crisis of its history. For more than two months and without any prior warning, restaurants owners were forced to shut their doors to the public.

To thank you for your support, renowned chefs of the region are offering you a recipe from their menu to do in the comfort of your home.

Toshiyuki Kawai

It’s before leaving his hometown of Osaka in Japan to move to the United States, that Toshiyuki Kawai received his true calling. Worried that her 23 years old son would have to take care of himself in America, his mom initiated him to some basic cooking techniques. She would have never guessed that her teachings would open up his passion to a wonderful career behind the ovens.

Wanting to learn the traditional culinary techniques of European cuisine, Toshiyuki rapidly decided to  learn his trade with well-known restaurants of the region such as LUC, HARVEST VINE and BOOK BINDERY. « It was important for me to learn from the bests. My time spent in those restaurants made me understand that I wanted to incorporate the best of French cuisine who concentrate on the flavor to the best of Japanese cuisine who’s know for its freshness » confides chef Kawai to ICI SEATTLE.

Since then, he opened Iconiq in Mount Baker where he’s continuously mixing French cuisine with Japanese influences. To initiate you to his culinary style, he’s sharing with you a Soy, honey, mustard sauce that you’ll easily be able to recreate with ingredients you have at home.

Honey, soya and mustard sauce


  • 25ml  soy sauce
  • 60 grams of Honey
  • 30 grams grounded mustard
  • 1 tea spoon of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients.

« This recipe is simple, delicious and really easy to do with ingredients everybody has at home. This sauce is great on salmon but it will also be perfect for beef.» explains chef Kawai.