If you have not been yet to the Nordic Museum, you can discover it through its temporary exhibition, The Vikings Begins (from October 20th, 2018 to April 14th, 2019).

The Nordic Museum’s building is an architectural masterpiece (it was developed by the Seattle base company, Mithun). The museum is organized as a fjord and contains several bridges that represent the waves of migration from Nordic countries to the United States. The museum and the cultural center celebrate the 5 Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and their culture.

The Vikings Begin exhibition contains a small collection of Viking artefacts. The scenography is splendid, and values of the Viking culture are perfectly represented: Nordic Gods (Odin, Thor, Frey), links with the sea and the winning spirit.

If time allows, you can grab a tasty snack in Freya café, where you can find some smørgåsbord, pepperkakors and other Scandinavian specialties, not to forget their aquavit drinks.