Iron Goat trail offers for approximatively six miles long, the perfect experience for anyone who’s looking to enjoy nature, history and a little action! Immerse yourself in the railroad history of the region, give your cardio a good work-out on the mountains of the central Cascade and enjoy this impressive nature bath near Stevens Pass at less than two hours from Seattle.

As soon as you’ll arrive to the Iron Goat Trail, you’ll travel in time to the end of the 19th century when the engineering minds of the period has tackle the great challenge to build a transcontinental train that would travel thru the Cascades. The Old Great Northern railroad is story rich in events that has shape the people and destiny of the region.

Family trail
Whether you came with the grand-parents or with the little ones, the first few miles of this trail is IDA accessible. On this beaten path, you’ll discovers wooden bridges hovering over icy cold water falls and you’ll be able to visit the tunnels once built for the Old Great Northern railroad. Spot the signs to read a little bit more about the history and try to locate the date of fabrication printed on the tunnels to go back in time.

Windy point crossover
If giving yourself a good workout is more your idea of a good hike, head up to Wind point Look over. The trail is steep and narrow but once to the top, you’ll be glad you pushed yourself to the end. The look over is offering a view on running railroads surrounded by mountains.

If you think this is the ultimate reward for your efforts, look further. About a dozen meters further a gigantic tunnel will give you a chance to measure yourself to your fears! Take courage and head into the darkness of the tunnel. If you find this experience too scary for the little ones, use the flashlight on your iPhone to help you find the way out. Trust yourself and know that the end of tunnel leads you back to the main road.

Waterfalls, Rocks and forests
To prevent the snow avalanches from blocking the railroad in the melting season, the engineers built large snow bridges. These concrete walls create waterfalls that you’ll need to contour to follow the path.

As you walk deeper into the path, discovers moss covered forests, swamps, old bridges, and flower fields.

Iron Goat trails has some toilets but no installations fro your family to enjoy a picnic. The Northwest Forest Pass ( is required to park. Enjoy your visit!