The 32nd team of the NHL (National Hockey League) now has a name: Seattle Kraken!

As you may remember, Jason told us about it in May 2019. The NHL had decided to expand the championship with a 32nd team. Jason told us then: “The NHL (National Hockey League) has 31 teams today, but they did not have a team geographically close to Seattle.  Hockey is very popular in our area, and when the NHL decided to expand the league with a 32nd team, Seattle was a perfect fit!  Seattle has a huge sports market, and we will make the NHL very welcome here.”

The name of the team was eagerly awaited, and hockey fans are now ready to invest the Climate Pledge Arena in 2021 to support them!

Of course, announcements and decisions have been impacted by the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team’s search for names, logos and colors could not be carried out as planned, and after a lot of controversy, speculation, research, listening to fans and drawing inspiration from the beauty and richness of the region, 1 200 names were chosen! It would then have taken several months to choose and to make sure that the name was unanimous among the leading groups as well as among the fans.

The name Kraken has its origin in the values of the Pacific Northwest, in the legend of this beast, “the fiercest in the world”, too big and too indomitable to be known. . . or defeated? An ancient and powerful force at the heart of the great PNW. This beast draws its strength from the waters of Puget Sound, which inspires Seattleites. History, legend, myth. . . the future opponents of the Kraken will have to be ready to face a formidable team, proud to wear the letter “S” on their jersey like a tentacle image of the animal whose appearance nobody really knows.

To learn more about the sport, in May, Jason told us: “Hockey is the best sport on earth, and this blog: the Hockey Writers, does a great job summarizing why.” »

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Translated by Pauline