You are dreaming about the Northern Lights, and you are not afraid of extreme temperatures, so why don’t you spend a few days in Alaska in the middle of winter?

Where to go?

In Alaska, the town of Fairbanks is known to be one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights. The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks provides forecasts of visibility conditions for the Northern Lights.

When to leave?

Northern Lights can be observed in between September and April, with a peak in March. If you are in the area and can plan on a last minute northern lights expedition, you can rely on the weather conditions and the KP index provided by the Fairbanks Geophysical Institute.

How to gear up?

In Alaska in winter, temperatures can drop very low, -22°F/-40°F. You can find good equipment within the Seattle area with stores and brands such as REI or Ascent Outdoors.

You also have the possibility to rent your equipment upon arrival in Fairbanks at Alaska Outdoor Gear.

Ice Museum

What to do?

Seeing the Northern Lights at night of course.

During the day, there is also plenty to do. You have activities such as: dog sled rides, riding a snowmobile, plane rides to the Arctic Circle, take a bath in hot springs, visit an ice museum and geothermal centers.

Hot spings

Any advice on housing?

We recommend the Chena Hot Springs Resort, which offers different packages that can suit your different taste and ideas of an Alaskan adventure.

These packages offer different activities on site: airplane tour, snowmobile, tobogganing, visit of the ice museum, visit of the geothermal center. And above all the hot springs! It is a real pleasure to relax in an outdoor hot spring pool while the temperature around is icing. The hotel restaurant is good and offers a variety of dishes and menus.

Therefore, even though you leave hoping to see the northern lights but mother nature has decided you won’t; you can still enjoy the beauty of this frozen nature by the many activities offered by the hotel.