It’s the classic Sunday stroll, and so much more! You know the falls, but do you know the trail that leads to the hydraulic plant down below? Do you know the lodge overlooking the falls?

The falls:

Depending on the season and the time of year, the visit will be different.

In the fall, it’s beautiful. The red colors of the trees among the pines are superb! In the summer, the waterfall is less powerful, but the environment remains as enchanting as ever.

A visit is a must in winter and especially at this time of the year! Heavy rains increase the flow, the noise of the water is deafening, it seems that the hotel overlooking the falls could be swept away by the water’s rush!

A large panel explains the principle of the hydraulic plant and the history of the falls. They were the property of the local Native Americans and the old photos from that time are interesting to look at. Different viewing stations are set up but you can also — and especially! — take the trail.

The trail:

You can go down into the valley. It’s not very long, about 1,3 miles, and if the slope doesn’t stop you, the walk is worth it.

First of all, you can see the factory that supplies Seattle and the surrounding area with energy, and to take the wooden passageway that takes you closer under the waterfall. On a clear day when a rainbow appears, it’s unreal!

You can drive down as well, to a parking lot where you will find very good explanatory signs to help understand the importance of the dam, the plant and the presence of water in the area for all the energy needs of King County.

In the footsteps of Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer, take a trip to the Salish Lodge and Spa.

David Lynch chose this natural and disturbing Pacific Northwest setting to produce his legendary series. The hotel perched high above the Snoqualmie River, the forests, remote small towns and waterfalls, – everything is there to create the bewitching atmosphere of the series .

Have lunch at The Attic restaurant upstairs and try to stand next to the large bay windows overlooking the waterfall. Unfortunately, you cannot make a reservation. The view is beautiful, you will have a wonderful time.

And if you want to prolong the pleasure, know that the hotel and especially the spa have an excellent reputation.

A small practical detail: the top car parking lot is free (a footbridge leads you to the falls), if you park below in front of the falls you will have to pay.