If you decide to go for a walk on Seattle’s waterfront, we encourage you to finish your ride on the Seattle Great Wheel or get tickets to see the movie  Wings over Washington.

This flight over the Pacific Northwest is an aerial adventure over the magnificent landscapes of the region. You fly over the sea and the mountains thanks to images taken by 5K camera drones projected by laser on a semi-spherical screen. The sound and the quality of the film gives you the impression that it is you who is flying, you are in the middle of nature or above the volcanoes!

Follow an eagle over the rivers, skim Snoqualmie Falls, plunge into the crater of Mount St Helens and see a family of killer whales in Puget Sound.

Take your children, enjoy it as much as they do. It can also be on your to-do list if you have visitors. You will get frustrated, as it doesn’t seem long enough. It’s a very good summary of what’s around us, and the price is very affordable.

We also recommend the Seattle Great Wheel of course, to admire the beautiful bay, the Puget Sound, the islands and the Olympic Mountains on a clear day. You dominate the city; the view is unforgettable.