Our city is changing. The waterfront no longer looks anything like it did five years ago. And it’s not over yet!

Remember 2013, that was the year work began on the tunnel to replace the viaduct portion of SR 99.  Unfortunately, that project became delayed due to the breakdown of the tunnel boring machine, but then, finally the demolition began.

Little by little, pedestrians are returning and even with the construction noise the disappearance of the incessant noise of cars passing over our heads is a real blessing!

This transformation project is the subject of an exhibition at Pike Market.

A large model allows you to visualize what the Seattle waterfront will look like when the work is finished.

Panels explain the plans to modify the neighborhoods near the waterfront. Photos show the “before” and “after”, and the difference is impressive.

The entire city will benefit from these changes, but the Pike Market terrace is one of them. Holding more than 4 minutes above the constant noise of the highway was a feat. Now you can enjoy this magnificent view of the port, Alki, the islands and the Olympic Mountains. In the long term, a footbridge will allow you to walk to the waterfront over the new Alaskan Way.

Enjoy walking up the streets of Pioneer Square and admire the Puget Sound with its unobstructed view of SR 99.

Thanks to this redevelopment project along the Alaskan Way we regain the beauty of the city.

Volunteers will be happy to explain the project to you. the exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.