Built to offer company employees an atypical and inspiring workspace, this ecosystem is an amazing place. You are a long way from the Seattle Center when you wander around the Spheres! And yet you are in the heart of the city, at the foot of the four Amazon skyscrapers.

The goal is to keep employees away from urban hostility through biophysical design that brings well-being to the office and increases productivity.
A green wall welcomes you, you walk through lush vegetation, in an exotic atmosphere, among plants from all over the world. You will choose between a wooden structure in the shape of a nest floating above the void and a meeting room surrounded by a green portico to rest.

Construction took seven years, the spheres opened in 2018. A few figures: the building consists of three glass facetted balls arranged with a steel structure 27 metres high and 40 metres wide. It was created by the NBBJ architectural studios.

Everything is complex in the construction of these spheres. First of all, to allow plants to grow in an environment that remains pleasant for humans. Find lighting that meets the needs of plants without impacting employee comfort.
Condensation had to be avoided and unsightly pipes and technical installations had to be concealed.

Visits (with masks) are open, think to reserve!