The Pioneer Square area is well known for its art galleries. There are many of them in very diverse styles, and it’s always a pleasure to go from one to another whether you have plans to buy something or just for the pleasure of the eyes! We wanted to present you the Linda Hodges Gallery.

We must admit, we have often wanted to get some of the works on display! So we asked Linda to answer a few questions and we invite you to discover the gallery the next time you are in the neighborhood!

You created the gallery, can you tell us its history, with whom, and how it was created? I started the gallery about 40 years ago. In 1981, I was the director of the Fountain Gallery (Portland and Seattle branch). Two years later I founded the Hodges/Banks Gallery in Seattle with Yvonne Banks and in 1989 the Linda Hodges Gallery was born. I have worked with hundreds of artists since then, and of course, some have been with me for over 30 years.

Linda with Ryan Molenkamp© Linda Hodges Gallery

Do you work with the same artists? Do you seek out other artists and how do you select them?

Finding and engaging with artists is a bit of a mystery. You get to know talent through a variety of means. You bring your experience, intuition, and education to the decision-making process. My years of art history and education in Manhattan, as well as my visits to museums and galleries, have allowed me to assert my opinions and have more subjective viewpoints. Word of mouth, social media, connections, and artist recommendations help guide you in finding artists.

Can you explain how the gallery works? (Pace of exhibitions, events…)

We have had the same mode of operation for 40 years. The exhibitions follow one another at the gallery, we put an artist in the spotlight every month. Painters of course but also sculptors, artists using a wide variety of materials, sometimes surprising ones. Every month on Thursdays, we participate in the opening evenings of galleries, we contact buyers, museums, we organize conferences with artists and we make studio visits. We have also participated in many regional pre-pandemic art fairs. We try to attract the public and increase the artist’s reputation and visibility. And, of course, we want to sell!

©Linda Hodges Gallery

How are you coping with this time of pandemic?

The current pandemic is challenging, but it seems that the artistic spirit and passion inherent in art is exactly what people need right now to lift their spirits and improve their lives! We are thrilled to open our gallery after 15 months of closure. The public is hungry for cultural activities.

 Linda Hodges Gallery