Strange resemblance and similar beauty

Every year, photographers, tourists, families, students, inhabitants … we are all on the lookout at the end of March in the University of Washington “UW” district, we live to the rhythm of the buds ready to hatch, we wait: the blooming cherry trees.

In Japan, there are sites that give in real time the percentage of flowering sakura, or Prunus Serrulata, or cherry from Japan, choose! The weather reports address the subject frequently: especially do not miss the best moments!

Early April is the best time to visit Japan, and be present at this event called hanami; it is also the best time to visit the University of Washington.

The traditions are numerous according to the cities. The Japanese peasants placed offerings at the feet of the trees, praying that the rich crops would be at the rendezvous. Elsewhere, they converge on the parks to eat and drink. The parallel will stop there with UW or it is strictly forbidden to drink in the parks!! Do not try the Japanese tradition!

Thus, if in Japan, you watch the bud that could hatch and drop a pink petal in your glass sign of luck to come, in Seattle you will admire without being distracted the beautiful sight of these cherry trees of a color of which only the nature has the secret.

The show is also behind the cherry trees. The university is superb. It is the largest university in the Northwestern United States and the oldest in the Western United States, it was founded in 1861. The University of Washington is ranked 13th worldwide by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

You will have as much pleasure to visit the park as the University itself: the library, stroll among the buildings, observe Mount Rainier from the Drumheller Fountain. The carefully guarded perspective of La Fontaine, in the center of the university, to the view of the volcano is simply superb.