Discover Winthrop in the heart of Winter. The charm of the city, the beauty of the landscapes, and its activities make it a winter paradise: Nordic skiing and snowshoeing on the largest Nordic course in the United States, ice skating, hockey, fat biking, etc.

Winthrop is located in the North Cascades National Park with its virgin forests and breathtaking views. The city and its region attract many visitors in the winter and the summer. You will find strolling around Winthrop and discovering its bakery, restaurants, and shops very pleasant.

Winthrop : a little history

Winthrop is a city located in Okanogan County in the state of Washington, 4 hours northeast of Seattle. The city has kept its old-fashioned charm.

The Native Americans were the first inhabitants of Winthrop. They lived on the banks of the Methow, Twisp and Chewuch rivers. In the spring of 1868, gold was discovered in the Slate Creek District.

In 1883, the lure of gold brought the first permanent white settlers, including Guy Waring. Although Waring is considered the founding father, the town is named after Theodore Winthrop, a Yale graduate, adventurer, traveler, and renowned 19th-century author. The town was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1893. Waring’s first saloon, the Duck Brand Saloon, the oldest in Washington State, was built in 1891. It survived the fire and is now Winthrop’s Town Hall.

In 1972, as State Highway 20 was about to be completed over the North Cascades, several businessmen began planning the arrival of travelers passing through the city. They accepted the idea of a Western-themed restoration, which still exists.

Choose your favorite activity: Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, or snowshoeing.

The Methow Valley Nordic Ski Area is the largest in the United States (200 kilometers), you will never tire of the ski trails. The resort is so large that you will feel as though you were going off into the unknown, alone. It is a paradise for winter sports and one of the olympic athletes favorite spots.  But it is also a welcoming and rewarding place for novice cross-country skiers who take their first staggering steps.

You can start from Sun Mountain Lodge, Winthrop or Mazama. You will be able to buy your pass ($25) and rent your equipment if necessary. Instructors are available in Mazama and Sun Mountain lodge. The Lodge is well worth a visit, perched on top of a mountain overlooking Winthrop. The views are magnificent, and we eat deliciously well!

Hot Air Balloon Festival

If you are planning to come in March, do not miss the Winthrop Hot Air Balloon Festival. You can book a hot air balloon flight, but you can also simply go and admire the beautiful scenery and watch the sky full of colorful hot air balloons or watch the glow of the hot air balloons at night.

The snow-covered valleys of Winthrop are waiting for you!


Translated by Clémence