One of the most beautiful walks in the region is located at the foot of Mount Rainier.

This is not an ascent of Mount Rainier, nor is the path a steep one, but instead, a long family walk through its foothills. It is therefore a good option for all ages.

This walk can only be done from mid-July to mid-October, with a preference for July with its abundant flower fields. It is wise to check the weather conditions beforehand and also helpful to read the comments from fellow walkers to gauge the trail’s conditions.

Parking is limited near the trailhead so arriving early is recommended.  Plan to leave the Seattle area no later than 9am as the drive is long. 

After parking near the Mowich Lake campground, begin the hike along a tiny portion of the Wonderland trail (93 miles in total), which goes around Mount Rainier. The trail is forested at the beginning, but then discover a wondrous view of Mount Rainier in the middle of a large field of flowers. One of the most beautiful views of this majestic mountain! The walk continues for a few more hours, but the scenery is breathtaking. Turn around whenever you want.

On the way back, stop at the magnificent waterfall “Spray Falls” via the junction: “Spray Falls trail”. The place is perfect for a rest to cool off before heading back on the road.

And on the drive back to Seattle, about 1 hour from the trailhead, treat yourself to fresh draught beer while enjoying the old fashioned atmosphere of the “Wilkeson saloon!”

Distance, round trip: 6 miles

Elevation gain: 1300 feet

Hiking time, round trip: 4 hours