Amateur nature, beautiful beaches and old stones, do not hesitate: the Yucatan in Mexico.

An easy destination from Seattle for a week vacation, Mexico. Here’s an example of a trip, follow it or take inspiration from this tour:

Arrive in Cancun, rent a car and escape after taking a look at the coastline: the white sand on the sea and blue sky is so bright that your eyes can not stand without sunglasses.

Tip: take a big brand of known renter do not look too much local.

On the way to Merida! and here are some stops tips to do.

A stop at Ek Balam Temple

Tip valid for all temples: arrive around 15:30 and enjoy the light of the end of the day, fewer visitors and drag to be the last to close the doors.

A stop at Valladodid

From 7:00pm, the main square comes to life, it is the heart of the city and becomes the heart of life. Everyone is there, eat, dance, laziness on the benches surrounding the square.

A must:

The cenote

These are caves or natural wells that can reach several tens of meters deep. Their training is attributed to the impact of a meteorite millions of years ago. They are often on private land, and maintained by locals who make you visit and / or pay an entrance fee. You can swim there, you can with a guide, sink into the meanders of the underground caves, the pictures speak for themselves!

Cenote Agua dulce and Sak awa:

A stop at the Hoctun cemetery (before arriving in Merida)

A stop at Merida

Take a hotel right in the center, the city is worth visiting. A guided tour is offered, inquire at the tourist office (at the entrance of the Governor’s Palace that you will also visit). The tours are in the morning. In the evening the place comes alive. The feeling of social and family reunion is less strong than in Valladodid but the feeling that in the evening everything is happening in this central square is still very strong.

Visit the Maya Museum (better speak Spanish!): Interesting summary of this Mayan culture which you will learn a few words during your stay, Maya is spoken by all locals.

Stop at Uxmal Temple

We can read that the visit of this temple can dispense with the visit of Chichen Itza as it is beautiful, do not do anything about it! It is to be seen, as the sound and light proposed in the evening.

The temple of Chichen Itza: start or finish with the sound and light show proposed at night, a marvel! The temple can be visited in the morning, with a guide. Finish in the pool of your hotel to forget how hot you were and your day is unforgettable.

A stop at Cenote Yodzonot

A stop of at least 2 days in Tulum: charming little seaside town, beach, swimming, sun.

Tip: a quick drink at Hotel Azulik, just a drink but the place is worth seeing

Around Tulum: The ruins of Tulum (unique temple built on the sea) or Coba (rent bikes at the entrance), the cenote Ak Tun (mask, snorkel and lycra or combination to explore the underground rivers)

The Sian Ka’an Reserve: depending on the chosen visit, crossing by boat and bathing in the canals, crocodiles, ruins, to do even with young children.

A stop at Playa del carmen: much more touristy and seaside than Tulum, you find the city. Good start for diving.

A stop on the island of Cozumel: by ferry, 45 minutes crossing. The south of the island is very pretty, you can go up to the lighthouse, or visit the archaeological site of San Gervasio. The diving clubs are numerous and the dives fantastic.

Return by ferry to Playa del Carmen and return to Cancun airport.