Standing guard over Pioneer Square, the historic Smith Tower is the home of an inviting bar. For a drink at the end of the day, or for a night out with friends, come on up to the Observatory!

Built between 1910 and 1914, Smith Tower is the city’s oldest skyscraper. At 484 feet, it was the tallest building on the west coast until the Space Needle was constructed in 1962.

The small museum you pass through before going to the upper floors draws you back into the atmosphere of the 20s, with operators behind their switchboards, and offices depicted as they were in that era.

Smith Tower’s historic elevators were provided by the Otis Elevator Company. Five of the seven operated elevators are still powered by their original DC motors, including the one that will whisk you up to the Observatory. From above, you can admire the 360 degree view of Seattle from an open-air viewing deck: Puget Sound, the ferry terminal, the city at sunset, all magnificent.

A warm and hushed ambiance, in a room decorated in a Chinese-inspired style. Enjoy a drink, share a plate, and nibble away. Against a backdrop of jazz, the ambiance is pleasant, and don’t leave without making a wish in the Wishing Chair!