On the second Saturday of every month, art invades shops, entrances, buildings, retirement homes … in Ballard.

This event celebrates the artistic and creative spirit of the neighborhood while promoting the businesses of a vibrant community.

Painters, photographers, artists of all styles come to present and exhibit their work and talk about it because the artists are there.

The charming Ballard neighborhood comes to life, and it’s a great night out for a drink or dinner at one of the many cafes or restaurants in the Market Street area. Come discover new talent and spend an evening in this trendy Seattle neighborhood from 6pm to 9pm.

Devin Reynolds, Communication Manager, tell us more:

The Ballard ArtWalk began in 1997 in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard and has been organized by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, now called the Ballard Alliance.

The Ballard Alliance works as an organizer who partners hosting businesses with artists. The Ballard Alliance creates, prints, and distributes posters and maps of exhibiting space for each event.

The Ballard Alliance works to recruit businesses to participate each month and aims to make participation as easy as possible by providing each hosting business with an ever-growing spread sheet containing artist and musician websites and email addresses so that each venue can choose their own artist that month.

When approached by artists looking to participate, the Ballard Alliance will reach out to specific hosting businesses that might be the best fit for that particular artist, and that hosting business ultimately chooses if they wish to work with that artist or not. 

The mission of the Ballard Alliance is to ensure the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard remains a unique and economically vital community for its visitors, residents, businesses and property owners and hosting the Ballard ArtWalk is one tool to accomplish that. At this point, the Ballard ArtWalk is consistently featuring upwards of 30 businesses each month, upwards of 50 different artists and musicians, and is seeing a growing trend of attendees every second Saturday of each month. 

Ballard ArtWalk Facebook Page

Visit Ballard’s ArtWalk page (Official website for the Ballard Alliance)