This 700 feet of elevation and 4 miles long hike will bring you back to the time where the region was exploiting the mines of the Whitehorse Mountain. Located near Darrington, North-East of Seattle, this family friendly hike is sure to promise great adventures for your little ones as well as for your teens that will surely venture in the belly of the mountain to explore the mine tunnel.

After getting to Arlington, take highway 530 in the direction of Darrington. Before getting in the village, you will need to turn right at the French creek road. Do not be surprised if you think the road gets private, continue on the gravel road until you reach the very visible dead end. This is where you need to park your car.

You will then need to cross the wooden bridge over the other side to start your hike. The hike will lead you through fields of berries and all kinds of beautiful swamps.

The end of the hike will lead you up to two main attractions: the tunnel of the mine and the Larson river. For those who wish to explore the mine, do not forget your flashlight and make sure you don’t slip on the wet, slimy wood beams in the tunnel.

Further on your left, you will be able to go down to the Larson river where you should be able to have a nice view of the Whitehorse Mountain if the temperature is on your side. This is the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a picnic before heading back to the parking lot to head back home.

Do not forget to wear the proper shoes, because of the many rivers and swamps, this hike is often very muddy.


Mine Road Trail on All Trails and Washington Trails Association