You wish to celebrate a special occasion, want to do something different during the weekend, or simply find a new way to enjoy our region? Why not having a weekend brunch while cruising on Lake Washington!

Waterways Cruise and events can offer this experience and not just for weekend brunches. Indeed, Waterways Cruise and events propose a variety of cruises for any kind of occasion, from romantic dinner on Friday night, wine pairing, lunch, or private events. For 37 years, Waterways Cruise and events, a family-owned company. provides private and public cruises around Seattle’s Lakes and the Puget Sound.

This year, my family and I wanted to celebrate my birthday and explore a new way to enjoy the PNW. We combined this with two of my favorite activities: brunch and cruise on Lake Washington.

We choose the Sunday brunch on South Lake Union as there is less traffic on Sunday and it is easier to find a parking lot, but there are other options to go there like public transportation (bus or light rail). The departure is from Chandler’s Cove in South Lake Union. The cruise is family-friendly. It took us two hours to navigate from South Lake Union to 520 floatable bridge and to come back. The captain wanted to drive us to Mr. Bill Gates’ house, but unfortunately, there was a lot of traffics between boats, kayaks, and seaplanes that day. Honestly, the cruise was so enjoyable that we didn’t mind at all.

During the cruise, we enjoyed a buffet-style brunch composed of sweet and savory food. Chefs prepare on board the food, and I can tell you it was tasteful and plentiful: an omelet station, muffins, fruits, cheese and so much more. They also propose cocktails and non-alcohol drinks.

And what better way to celebrate my birthday, with a virgin Pina Colada cocktail while listening to the captain talking about the history of Seattle and Lake Washington. Did you know that Gas Work Park was the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plan in the 1920’s or the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was filmed in Seattle on a houseboat located on South Lake Union?

I won’t say anything more because the captain does a captivating job by telling a story and I don’t want to spoil it.

We had a blast cruising on Lake Washington watching houseboats, bridges, boats, and kayakers enjoying what Seattle had to offer.
So, if you have a celebration and want to do something special, a cruise is a great thing to do.

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