Raindrops dancing and colorful leaves falling, autumn is here! No umbrellas in Seattle though. No indoor seclusion either. Instead, locals gear up with extra layers and rain boots to keep on living the PNW typical outdoorsy lifestyle. Soon, mushrooms will be popping out everywhere, pumpkins will be on everyone’s menu, and families will reunite for Thanksgiving celebrations.


Speaking of pumpkins…

One of the best things about having four seasons is that each one offers something new. Veggies all year round, berries mid-spring to late summer, apples and pears in the Fall, and of course squashes and pumpkins to last the winter. And, although Central Washington is considered the most productive agricultural land in the state, you can find many, many farms around Seattle! Traditional farms with a farm stand, U-pick no buzz no-fuss kind of farms, entertainment farms with kids’ attractions…

So, despite the rain, my kid and I geared up the other day and went out on a farm! Well, not just any farm… This time, instead of heading north, we took a scenic drive along the Snoqualmie River, all the way to Carnation where Oxbow Farm is established on 240 acres of forest and farmland!

Of course, the drive itself is worth a trip with its beautiful fall colors, green Spanish moss hanging from the trees, and equestrian centers, but Oxbow Farm is also a Conservation Center dedicated to educating people about sustainable agriculture and the environment. So not only can you buy fresh organic fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables, at the farm stand, you can also take a tour and plan an educational excursion with your kid’s school. Oxbow even offers volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in habitat restoration, conservation, agriculture, and environmental education.


Look at these beautiful pumpkins!


OXTOBER Fall Festival

Oxbow is now celebrating its Fall Festival at the farm. It’s a free event with fun and educational activities. But you better book a spot ASAP or give them a call.

My kid and I truly enjoyed our experience at Oxbow Farm. We learned about the six parts of a plant and got to taste each part. An apple as the fruit, a borage flower, a leaf of sorrel, a stem of rhubarb, a beet and a radish for the root, and… Well almost! We didn’t eat any seeds but we could have, had we tried the grapes!
We went home with an adorable sugar pumpkin and a pumpkin pie recipe card that we have never tried before. The wonderful thing about pumpkins though is that they last forever!

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?