Open for more than 10 years, this friendly neighborhood restaurant deserves to be discovered. How to cook a Wolf is one of the first restaurants opened by Chef Ethan Stowell in Seattle.

The name of the restaurant is in reference to MFK Fisher’s 1942 book. The Wolf is a metaphor for hunger, the book deals with cooking during the shortage at the time of the Second World War.

The author wrote to inspire courage in those who suffer from shortages in times of war. Instead of, once again, advising on how to cut expenses and get by, she gives her readers permission to dream, experiment, build adventurous and delicious meals as a bulwark against a bleak and lean present: “celebrate life by eating well.” »


The decoration of the restaurant is warm. You can order a cocktail at the bar or reserve a table. Making a reservation is necessary as we can safely say that the restaurant is a success! The room is not very large and often full. The menu was reasonable, we chose to share several dishes and none of us were disappointed!


Don’t forget to taste this delicious bread from the Sea Wolf bakery

A visit to this bakery in Fremont is highly recommended!

It is a neighborhood restaurant; the staff is very nice as is the atmosphere.

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Translated by Clémence