A website called Telescope Film was launched a few months ago during the Berlin Film Festival in February 2019, by Justine Barda, a senior programmer with the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival). It is a movie database that inform you about diffusion platform of films.

American viewers now have unprecedented access to international films through a digital database. The platform is updated daily.

The objective of the site is to help users find distribution media. Say you’re interested in a movie: how can you find it, where can you watch it? Here, you can find that information about each film.

The website gives access to movies from around the world. Users can search and filter by options including title, director, actor, country, language etc. and also best rated films.

Users can thus discover new content, select movies according to their interests, enjoy a customized experience and be part of a community.

Finally, the section called “Telescope Selects”, gives access to a smaller collection of around 400,000 reviewed or award-winning films.